Per-Node Multi-Threading and Remote Latency

In IEEE Transactions on Computers (IEEE-TOCS), 47(4): 414-426, April 1998.

Kritchalach Thitikamol and Pete Keleher

This paper evaluates the use of per-node multi-threading to hide remote memory and synchronization latencies in soft-ware DSMs. As with hardware systems, multi-threading in software systems can be used to reduce the costs of remote requests by switching threads when the current thread blocks.

We added multi-threading to the CVM software DSM and evaluated its impact on the performance of a suite of common shared memory programs. Multi-threading resulted in speed improvements of at least 20% in two of the applications, and better than 15% for several other applications. However, we also found that good performance can not always be achieved transparently for non-trivial applications. Also, the characteristics of the underlying DSM protocol can have a large effect on multi-threading's utility.

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