Efficient Network and I/O Throttling for Fine-Grain Cycle Stealing

In The 2001 Supercomputing Conference (SC2001), October 2001.

Kyung Dong Ryu, Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth, and Pete Keleher

This paper proposes and evaluates a new mechanism, rate windows, for I/O and network rate policing. The goal of the proposed system is to provide a simple, yet effective way to enforce resource limits on target classes. This work was motivated by our Linger-Longer infrastructure, which harvests idle cycles in networks of workstations. Network and I/O throttling is crucial because guest job's I/O and communications should not adversely affect machine owners. We use a sliding window of recent events to compute the average rate for a target resource. The assigned limit is enforced by putting application processes to sleep when they issue requests that would bring their resource utilization out of the allowable profile. Our I/O system call intercept model makes the rate windows mechanism light-weight and highly portable. Our experimental results show that we are able to limit resource usage to within a few percent of target usages.

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