Decentralized Dynamic Scheduling across Heterogeneous Multi-core Desktop Grids

In 19th International Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop, April 2010.

Jaehwan Lee, Pete Keleher, Alan Sussman

The recent advent of multi-core computing environments increases both the heterogeneity and complexity of managing desktop grid resources, making efficient load balancing challenging even for a centralized manager. Even with good initial job assignments, dynamic scheduling is still needed to adapt to dynamic environments, as well as for applications whose running times are not known in advance.

In this paper, we propose new decentralized scheduling schemes that backfill jobs locally and dynamically migrate waiting jobs across nodes to leverage residual resources, while guaranteeing bounded waiting for all jobs. The scheme attempts to maximize total throughput while balancing load across available Grid resources. Experimental results via simulation show that our scheduling scheme has performance competitive with an online centralized scheduler.

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